A majestic recap

Muhammad Rahim Usman
2 min readFeb 12, 2021

Sometimes some moments impart a majestic effect on you that you even don't find words to explain what you actually feel about it. In the world of today, everyone lives for himself/herself but I believe that true happiness lies in doing small deeds. For instance, you made somebody smile or your words have impacted anyone.

At Amal, the concept of lollipop moments inspired me a lot and I just loved the concept. Before learning that concept, I have always been positive and I always try to be the source of motivation when needed. When I learned this concept, I realized the significance of small deeds and started practising it even more.

The incident is related to one of my fellows Tuba Ashraf. She was in my breakout room for the very first activity of our first session so we became familiar quite early. I noticed that she faces issues while participating in the session. One day I was having a conversation with her and out of nowhere, we started talking about participation etc. She praised me how I used to participate in sessions but I told her that nothing is by birth. You need to have a burning desire if you want to achieve anything. Coming out of your comfort zone is certainly not easy but it is a matter of self-belief and confidence.

Tuba used to get nervous and whenever someone asks her anything, everything gets vanished from her brain. I remember we made a promise that weather Tuba would participate in the upcoming sessions or I would ask Ma’am to ask Tuba in sessions. Haha so that deal went well and she started to feel a bit more relaxed and confident.

I rejoiced with joy when Tuba told me that my motivation helped her and she has started to move towards improvement. You never know how your words can impact anyone. I think it was Tuba’s response who made me realize that my words did the job for her. I think that I would probably have not done anything better than this. I still remember her words, “motivates in a majestic way”. So, yeah that's why I called it “A majestic recap”.