AMAL Totkay: Exploring their significance


I am pumped up to write this blog about exploring the significance of AMAL totkay and an exciting fact about it is, “Its so much fun”.

Getting deep into Amal Totkay

As mentioned above, Amal totkay is all about growth mindset. The five totkey Amal gives to develop a growth mindset are:

  1. Get out of your comfort zone
  2. Create new habits
  3. Ask people help
  4. Fake it till you make it

My takeaways

I learned that empowering yourself can actually play a crucial role in developing a growth mindset and you feel even more confident towards pursuing your goals. Moreover, having a kind group of people as your support is equally significant for your nourishment. Success is all about getting yourself out of your comfort zone and do what you really want to do. Lastly, an attribute of being a life long learner can really help you even beyond your expectations.



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