Champs Ready to Shine

Muhammad Rahim Usman
4 min readFeb 28, 2021

As the title indicates, it was the time when the birds were to set free from the cage. It was not like a physical cage but it was the cage of learning, self-improvement, passion, commitment, and much more…

The cage was in actual a beautiful and sensational journey to which I am bidding farewell. A journey that unknowingly became so special for me and my love for it is just inexpressible. A journey that would always remain close to my heart.

The journey that I am talking about is “My Amal Journey”. The fellowship has finally ended and we all are about to take flight. Goodbyes undoubtedly are the hardest to say yet we have to say them just to move forward. This blog is all about the reflection of the last Amal session. So, let’s dig in.

Amal Batch 164

Insights from the final session

I’ve spent 3 months learning new skills and I have actually learned a lot from my fellows and facilitators. Besides, I have made some indelible and unforgettable memories with the whole batch, our insightful sessions, our mega circle sessions and many more.

What I loved the most?


I enjoyed every moment from activities to our final words, songs, making jokes, teasing each other. It felt like a bond, an unbreakable connection. The exciting sessions, our gupshups, learning group and mega circle memories, session activities, some subconscious acts in sessions, sacrifice stories, everything would remain close to my heart and I just love this the most.

Emotional Uplift

It is an essential part of our life that we need the uplift to keep ourselves motivated about life and our goals. There comes a time when we feel down and to get back on track we need someone to empathize and motivate us. That uplifting really matters and helps us in getting the confidence and charge to shine yet again. Amal has provided an exceptional bunch of people with which we can connect. In the last session, we had planned that we would definitely try to arrange meetups at least once a month to stay connected and strengthen our bonds even further.

Memories from the Last Session

Here, comes the saddest but necessary part of saying goodbye. We took a picture with the graduation hat filter of zoom to make it memorable.

Amal Graduates

We also played an extremely interesting game called Pictionary in which one of us had to draw something (except alphabets) on the digital whiteboard and the rest had to guess what it is. One of our fellows, Sarah Waseem drew a masterpiece in which she illustrated batch 164 in an adorable manner.

Cute Illustration of Batch 164

Moving forward, I really wanted to end our last one on a high note and make it more memorable for everyone. So, I planned to sing a few lines of a friendship song along with my fellows. I revealed that right in the end and we all ended the session memorably.

You can watch the full video here. Then we moved towards the end, no one wanted to leave and it melted my heart. I even had an exam the next day and even I could not leave. I just did not want to. I just wanted the time to stop for a bit and want to relive the whole fellowship once again.

See, this is the love and affection we all have for this fellowship. I just love everyone in my batch. Thank you everyone for being super amazing.

Fellows showing love for fellowship
Creativity by The Amal Team

Time for flight

Eventually, we all made it. We reached the end and the time has come for the flight. I concluded this exceptional and majestic journey with a promise. The promise was to implement all the learnings in my life to grow myself even further. We also promised to stay connected even after this fellowship. We all believe in the concept of a growth mindset and I will definitely strive to get better and better every day. Ma’am Rabeea once said:

“The fellowship would conclude but the learnings and the whole experience would become eternal and live in our hearts”

Amazing graphic and words (Credits: Misha Riaz)