Experiencing Productivity: Making the most out of your time

Muhammad Rahim Usman
3 min readJan 1, 2021

I am exhilarated to write on my recent experience of getting the most out of my time. Yes! I actually made it. I actually experienced how it feels when you are productive.

Before getting to my experience, I would like to talk a bit on productivity. There is actually a myth about productivity which we do see in our society. The myth revolves around the concept, “Productivity is about working the whole day long or getting everything done”. In my opinion, being productive is about getting things done in the best way possible. It's about getting the most out of your working hours. It's about managing our time effectively and work efficiently.

One of the major reasons for not being productive is procrastination. Procrastination is all about delaying your work and not doing it when you actually should be. Productive persons are humans too but they actually manage their time well. They are aware of their productive hours so they manage accordingly.

My Experience

I as an individual has not been productive for a long time and the biggest distraction I face is my mobile phone (social media). Yesterday, I, with a firm aim, downloaded an application named as Focus which actually allows you to lock your phone for a certain period of time and you are not able to use your phone in any way. My plan was to complete my remaining Superhero resume writing course within one and half hour. I locked my phone and began doing the course.

While doing course work, I, a lot of times, thought of checking my phone (Whatsapp in particular) but I prevented myself from it. At that time, I tried to remain as firm as I could on my resolution and it certainly was not easy. I had decided to achieve my goal in the selected time slot which I planned and in that journey, I actually realized that in the pursuit of something productive, one has to face a lot of challenges and difficulties. I can even relate this experience with the third principle of progress, “Kam Kam Kam”. While we practice “Kam Kam Kam”, we all have to do the hard work, be persistent and has to sacrifice something for achieving something productive. In my experience, I sacrificed my time which I usually spend on WhatsApp and persistently did the course. Eventually, I was able to complete my course within my estimated time and I was jubilant on my achievement. I actually felt proud of myself and it was a victory for me. I never thought of doing it within my time frame.

Final Remarks

Concludingly, I would like to mention that the experience of practising Pomodoro technique was super productive. I have actually learned that in order to achieve something productive we have to put an effort. I will definitely keep on applying this strategy to make myself productive. In this era, we all actually procrastinate and consume our precious time in unproductive activities. When the time passes, we tend to regret on our acts. We all need to understand that Time is something we cant buy. Once the specific time has passed, you won't get those moments again. So, it's better to utilize it in the best way possible.