Fixing stuff around yourself (Amal Project work 2)

Muhammad Rahim Usman
3 min readDec 18, 2020


Leadership is one of the key traits that one should possess to survive in this competitive world of today. At Amal academy while learning “leadership”, we were given a task called, “Fixing stuff around yourself”. We have to examine our immediate surrounding and find areas that we can improve or fix right away. The goal was to reflect on our action and learnings through this experience and use them to understand everyday leadership. The place I was in was actually my room and certainly, it was not in the best of conditions as you can see below:

The areas which I chose to fix were my bed and my study table or bookshelf. Actually, I use my bookshelf for different purposes. Let’s see how was my experience fixing stuff around myself.

My Bed

As I used to work all day on my bed so it did get messy and untidy. My laptop was there along with my study stuff. Moreover, I had my novel there which I was reading and even had not managed my blanket properly which was there since morning. While, I was doing project work on my dishevelled bed I thought of fixing that up.

My dishevelled bed

When I was done with my work, I headed towards organizing my dishevelled bed. Firstly, I put my study stuff in my bookshelf and my laptop on its allocated place. Then, I put my diary and novel on my side table and made my bed along with my blanket properly. In the end, my bed was transformed into a better environment to sleep and work in.

My fixed bed

My Bookshelf

My bookshelf or study table was stuffed with a lot of things and it was giving a terrible look as well. I managed my way towards that and started organizing that. Actually, I used to put my extra stuff there on daily basis. Finally, time did come when I myself was going to manage that.

My Mismanaged Bookshelf

I put my chart papers properly along with my university registers. I also managed my other books and stuff properly to make them look tidy and presentable. Further, I managed my society related stuff as well. Lastly, my laptop, handfrees and mobile was placed in the right manner as well by me. In the end my whole mismanaged bookshelf finally transformed into a managed one.

My managed bookshelf


Concludingly, I would say that It was a healthy experience fixing my immediate surroundings today. I might not fix them the way I did today specially my bookshelf since it was kind of part of my routine. Even my mom was like, “Is everything ok? Is there something special today?”. Hahah, eventually I did that and it was very much satisfying. I can even relate this activity with leadership since we actually took a responsibility of fixing our immediate surrounding. We did take the first step and getting everything done by ourself. Looking forward to activities more like these.