Self-Realization: An important tool for success

Muhammad Rahim Usman
3 min readDec 25, 2020

I am excited to write about the experience that I recently had with myself and it was about pondering the problem or gap I would want to work on as my Mega Project. In this blog, I will discuss briefly my problem statement, how I refined it and how was the experience. Let’s begin with my problem statement.

Problem Statement

“To develop a platform for inculcating the importance of “Knowing and recognizing yourself” in the young generation that will help them to select their career smartly by themselves.”

Pakistan is in dire need of a career awareness platform for our high school and college students. 64% of Pakistan’s population consists of youth and most of them are unaware of themselves that what they want to in their lives. So, it’s very important to have a clear understanding of yourself.

The career choice of more than 80% of our youth is based on the interests of parents, friends, and society but they neglect interest or they even don’t bother to think about what will be good for them. Having a clear understanding of their self will not only help them choose the right career, but it will also play a crucial role in the development of Pakistan.

You will say that we all know about it. Now what!

Take the example of a self-aware and career-oriented candidate. What benefit can we get from them?

Let’s count a few:

1. He will remarkably perform well in studies

2. He will definitely look for ways to apply what she learned by getting a job, starting a new business in that field

3. After marriage, He will let his children dream big and achieve big. This will break the chains and parents will be well aware of future needs. They will be able to properly guide and allow their child to go for interest rather than their wish.

4. Every house will have at least one child who wants to make his/her mark. It will give why to every child in Pakistan and it will drive us to Quid-e-Azam ka Pakistan.

If I consider my example, I have got the support of my family and got a good bunch of teachers but not every one of us gets the same opportunity. Its one of the biggest factor in our decline that we are not utilizing our young blood. Many talents could not come up just because they don’t have the necessary resources and are unaware of the modern world’s trends. There should be a platform which would lead our youth towards the pursuit of their dreams.

Final Remarks

If you want Pakistan to be Pakistan of Quid-e-Azam, you have to urge your majority population to play a role in the country’s progress rather than wasting time in useless activities.

Let’s level the grounds for all the students by properly guiding them.